It's so important to communicate how much we appreciate each other. Blessings to all those who have taken the time to express these wonderful words to me. 

Lindy Tefft's book is simply a literary jewel.  It brings an electrifying charge of spirituality that empowers women to break out of the enclaves of silence.  The author's revealing life, marked almost since birth by the hand of abuse, shows us how fragile we all can be when faced with fear.  Her decisive struggle against domestic violence represents a shining light at the end of the tunnel and hope for all humans. ~Salomon Gill, Movie Producer

This is an extraordinary story of personal courage and ultimate triumph over some of humanity's obstacles and betrayals.  To take this journey with Lindy - who withholds nothing-is sometimes harrowing, sometimes absurd, sometimes incomprehensibly mean,,,but ultimately wonderful as we walk with her through too many years of living in the darkness of fear and finally emerging into the sunshine of enlightenment, joy, and freedom.  It is a truly remarkable story of our times and our culture.  ~Jeff Rense, Host of the Nationally Syndicated Jeff Rense Radio Program

Lindy takes you behind the scenes of a family with the "perfect mother" to a place where only pain is felt.  Stepping out into her adulthood, she carried what she had learned into her relationships and being married to the "perfect" man wasn't "perfect" at all.  Yet a butterfly has emerged fully grown! ~Carolyn Shannon, Women of Worth Magazine

Lindy and I have known each other for nearly fifty years, We met in grade school, went to high school together, went our separate ways and found each other again, only to find that it was like it had only been a couple of days.  I know that there are such things as soul mates, but how about soul friends?  That is what it feels like to be friends with Lindy.  She is the SMARTEST woman I have ever known and could be the STRONGEST woman as well.  She has weathered so much yet always lands on her feet rself so when you meet her, you know her.  I love what I know. ~Catherine Mallens,  Childhood Friend

You are so awesome!  I just adore your sweet encouragement, thank you!! Your sweet spirit is much needed in this world, therefore, it is meant to be. ~Jackie Stickel Goldston, Actress

Lindy is one of those rare combinations of life experience and heart’s desire. She has managed to understand the great possibilities of heart and mine and, then, take this combination and translate it for others to take into their souls. ~Stephanie Hastings, Owner A to Zed Photography

Lindy possesses the virtues that we all aspire to have.  She is a sincere and empathetic person who is devoted to helping others.  It’s always a better day after hearing Lindy’s cheerful voice. ~Ron Musacchio, Software Engineer

I cannot say enough good things about Lindy Tefft.  She is such a loving, kind, nurturing woman. Lindy is probably the most honest person that you will ever come across.  Her talent amazes me every time she shares her lyrics or poems. She has truly been given a gift from God. ~Summer Mason, Patient Consultant

I have known Lindy for a few years and have been impressed by the fact that no matter what circumstances are presented to her, she always finds a way to rise to the top.  Her creative talents are amazing and I know she will have a very positive influence on this world. ~Ernest Robinson, MD

In Lindy Tefft’s wondrous guide, Soul Strings, each word seems to arise from a heart unleashed from pain, and now free to embrace life’s potential.  Her book provides readers both an invitation and a pointer to sink deeper into their own heart and journey.  Lindy is an example that liberation is not only possible, but inevitable when you are committed to living a life of joyful wonder instead of pain. ~Nancy Elizabeth Brady, Intuitive Healing Practitioner

As a former successful high school teacher, I feel secure in saying that Lindy Tefft, whom I have known for many years, is a fantastic person.   She expressed her thoughts with such incredible clarity which makes you want to know more about her and how she succeed in achieving success regardless of the odds. ~Arlene Rhodes, Retired Teacher, Charity Worker

I have known Lindy since 2006 and have never known her not to be single minded in her determination to find herself and In so doing discovered her dreams.  Well done Lindy…well done. ~Jonathan R. Ramos, DC

Lindy Tefft has lived so many lives and yet has never failed to be true to her own inner true self and her very strong values.  Her compassion for all with whom she comes into contact is readily apparent upon meeting her.  Her remarkable resiliency in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles in a dysfunctional background could not dampen her determination to rise above adversity and to survive by summoning an inner fortitude and spirit that refused to be trampled on and beaten down. ~Muriel Moster, International Humanitarian Activist

Soul  Strings is the Introduction of Poetology as a unique way to express through photography and poetry the inner depths of our most sought out questions in life and our experiences in this mysterious and wonderful human existence.  Lindy's words coupled with the images she shares are like the wind whispering through trees causing a gentle breeze.  We are lifted into a pleasant sphere that is warm and relaxing while the words meander through our minds like a mountain stream.  As the meaning of Lindy's Poetology settles in our soul we sense her passion and depth of spirit and are lifted to the place from which her words originate.  She takes us home where her strings join with ours and the essence of her power to uplift expands our awareness of every aspect of life. The powerful thoughts conveyed in this elegant book truly are a "Fast track to Soul Power." ~Carl Bozeman, Bestselling Author: On Being God-Beyond Your Life's Purpose

I have known Lindy Tefft for over fifteen years and have seen her endure some extremely difficult situations.  She has always worked very hard.  Most of us would have fallen apart with the life challenges she faced but Lindy remained strong.  I am proud to see her moving forward in such a positive way as she continues to pursue her dreams.  She has so much to offer. ~Jorge Monastersy, MD

Lindy is Empowering and Positive despite life adversities that have been thrown her way.  She is encouraging as well as an amazing person to know.   I treasure her insight, just as everyone will upon meeting her. ~Shannon Kelley, Spiritual Advisor

You have given me so much inspiration to keep moving forward....your accomplishments give me strength and realize that if you could over come your challenges......there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me. Thank you for making my days brighter with hope and joy.  You are my American hero... ~Gary White

In the short time I have known Lindy, she has been such an inspiration and a good friend.  She is so strong, talented, determined, creative, and aligned. I respect and appreciate all that she is.  It is so wonderful to see someone who has grown and flourished even through all that she has experienced.  I look so forward to all the great things Lindy has yet to accomplish. ~Jeffrey Ringer, Spiritual Advisor, Photographer, and Marketing Director

Lindy Tefft has been a good friend for 20 years.  She has been a co-producer for me and my corporations.  She has written the lyrics for many musical jingles and has songs that will be featured in my movie, Peck.  We first met when she wrote the theme song and assisted and appeared in the production of the Your Personal Trainer video featuring her ex husband, Greg, Tefft, a former natural Mr. America.  She is dedicated to her work, honest, and a delight to work with! ~Donn Greer, Movie/TV Director, Producer, Writer, Author, and Actor

I Married Mr. America is quite, quite a story to say the least.  I try not to get too involved with reading each book I do. But every once in a while a book comes along where I start reading and I can't stop.  Your book is one of them!!!  I admire you for all you have been through and where you are today. ~John Reinhardt, Book Designer

A heart-felt and honest read.  I highly recommend this book to growing and self-help seeking people. ~Debbie Dachinger, Syndicated, Award-Winning Host of "Dare to Dream" Radio, Bestselling author of "DARE TO DREAM: This Life Counts!

Beautiful woman, great story and a desire to get it right....  Lindy, you are one of those women that when a person meets you there is a lasting impression.  When I tell you that you are beautiful, it is for so many reasons and I know there are many who would agree with me.  You are a dynamic person with a heart of gold and an open mind and...those are just a few aspects that make you so beautiful!! ~Mark Pavlovich, Agent/Owner, Character Talent and Associates

You are living proof that a life of adversity leads to strength of character. ~Gilbert Welham Compton-Milne, Philosopher, Scholar

Lindy, for reasons unclear the Path for some of us requires a willingness to face the brutal truths about ourselves and our lives, while maintaining trust that somehow we can and will overcome them. I Married Mr. America displays your grit in stark detail as well as the tantalizing hope of transcending even the most daunting challenges. I look forward to the next chapter .. the tale yet unfolding beyond calamity and despair. ~Ron Chapman, Consultant and author of A Killer's Grace and Seeing True: Ninety Contemplations in Ninety Days.

Lindy has graced us by sharing her story with us. In that story is every man, every woman. No matter what pains we endure in this life love will always triumph. Because her love triumphed we all win. Because she believed in me I believed in myself. Congratulations dear Lindy. May the love that you have given return to you a thousandfold.   ~Paul Conklin, New Jersey

I know that you are a very talented and a beautiful in millions!  Your peace and also your no-nonsense approach is very clearly heard through the internet.  ~Bernard Arnaud Duval, Netherlands

I've just finished reading your book, and found your courage throughout. I don't know anyone that would be willing to bear their soul in an effort to reach out to help others, you offer encouragement and hope, ant to help them realize that there are no obstacles, that can't be overcome to have a better life.
I Married Mr. America is a must read weather you're discouraged and want help, or feel cornered with no way out, or feel you're life couldn't be any better. It's a true lesson in overcoming, and finding our true self, and how the human spirit can grow and show our resiliency, at our lowest point we can climb out of despair .
This should be required reading for the ninth grade, to help some of our youth that feel all alone and have major life decisions in front of them. It should also be required reading at Social Services to get any kind of assistance, and a prime tool in our religious outreach programs.
Your courage once again has moved me Lindy Tefft.  D. Manson

When I first started  reading I Married Mr. America, I couldn't put it down. It is a real page turner!  Anyone who reads it will want to recommend it to their friends.  Arlene Rhodes

I've just finished reading your book, and found your courage throughout. I don't know anyone that would be willing to bear their soul in an effort to reach out to help others. You offer encouragement and hope, and to help them realize that there are no obstacles that can't be overcome to have a better life. I Married Mr. America is a must read whether you're discourage and want help or feel cornered with no way out, or feel you're life couldn't be any better. It's a true lesson in overcoming and finding our true self, and how the human spirit can grow and show our resiliency at our lowest point as it climbs out of despair. This should be required reading for the ninth grade, to help some of our youth that feel all alone and have major life decisions in front of them. It should also be required reading at Social Services to get any kind of assistance and a prime tool to our religious outreach programs. Your courage once again has moved me Lindy Tefft. I bought this book in the ebook format. I started reading Lindy's story in the early afternoon and was still reading it at 1 AM. I was so engrossed in her story, I couldn't stop. I finally had to stop for sleep/work reasons. I was so impressed with Lindy's guts and determination with all that was constantly put in her path. Perhaps through Lindy's success at finding her inner self she can help others who need a nudge to keep on working through their own struggles. Lindy proves that perseverance through rough obstacles is possible. It may be painful at times, but the end result of relief and peace is well worth it. Carole G.


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 Kinetics Magazine, July/August 2012 issue     

We all have it sometimes… this deep seated fear that we're just not 'good enough.' Maybe it happens when we start a new project, or when we meet that special someone, or we grow up being told that “we will never amount to much”. This feeling of not being “good enough” can creep up anytime really. How can we overcome this fear once and for all? In her insightful and riveting memoir, I Married Mr. America, Lindy Tefft shows us a way to overcome this fear. Lindy assures us that “if I can change my life, you can too”!

The sport of competitive body-building met Lindy Tefft who was looking for her perfect mate. Though a winner in competitive sports; Greg Tefft was far from perfect. His need to keep his celebrity alive invited scam artists wanting to make money off of his coattails, and a drive to dominate and hurt Lindy. The chaos that ensued created financial, emotional, and physical strife for Lindy. She almost didn’t survive. With total honesty and precious vulnerability Lindy delves into the pain of perfectionism, as well as her recovery from childhood and domestic abuse.

I Married Mr. America is so much more than an expose of the greed and ego of big-time sports. It is journey from hopelessness into the light of personal awareness. Lindy illuminates the inherent power and accessible spiritual tools available for us all to overcome fear and despair. Lindy’s story shows how tapping into our creative spirits and living from our authentic selves can open the door to happier, healthier lives no matter what twists and turns occur.