For those suffering from pain and sorrow
And the silent heroes who have survived life's toughest


This mesmerizing story

is your voice 

“A heart felt and honest read. I highly recommend this book to growing and self-help seeking people."
 Debbie Dachinger, Award-Winning Host of Dare to Dream Syndicated Radio, Bestselling Author

 "A literary jewel...brings an electrifying charge of spirituality that empowers women to break out of the enclaves of silence. Lindy's decisive struggle represents a shining light at the end of the tunnel and hope for  all  humans."                             Salomon Gill, Movie Producer

"To take this journey with Lindy - who withholds nothing - is sometimes harrowing, sometimes absurd, sometimes incomprehensibly mean...but ultimately wonderful as we walk with her through too many years of living in the darkness of fear an abuse finally emerging into the sunshine of enlightenment, joy and freedom. It's a truly remarkable story of our times and our culture."
Jeff Rense, Host of Nationally Syndicated Radio Program

 "Lindy...ultimately realized that being married to the "perfect" man wasn't perfect at all.  Yet a butterfly has emerged fully grown."             Shannon, Women of Worth Magazine

 "Great story and a desire to get it right. Lindy is a beautiful dynamic person with a heart of gold and an open mind."                                      Mark Pavlovich, Agent/Owner, Character Talent and Associates

#1 Bestseller

What's it like behind

closed doors with Mr.


Don’t miss this riveting, inspirational true story of personal triumph over impossible odds.

    Bestselling Author

    Lindy Tefft, MS




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